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How can Artificial Intelligence Help Restaurants Succeed

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by Valeria Ayerdi-Seibel

Time flies, there is no question about that. Every day “the next frontier” broadens, and new glimpses of the virtues of artificial intelligence (AI) are shared. How are you getting ready for this? Many might think that artificial intelligence in restaurants will not be “a thing” until later, or that it only helps people with significant and established businesses. Truth be told, it is here, and it will be a must for everyone that wants to provide an excellent service. Why? Well, look at these current trends, AI is leading all of them.

Let’s begin by quickly defining what AI is and how it works. Think about AI as a brain that recognizes the hardest patterns and has unlimited memory, what are the limits to it? When the steam engine was invented, we were able to replace tired horses and multiply muscle power. We started lifting more weight than ever, and that increased human productivity. The world was developing before the steam engine, yes. Still, once people started using steam in their factories, they progressed so quickly that they never looked back, not even to wave their competitors goodbye.

AI is overcoming the limits of the brain, just like steam skyrocketed our strength, AI can and should skyrocket profits at our restaurants. How? Well, imagine all the data that drives consumption. It can help you improve many marketing aspects, including personalizing our service, targeting niche guests, and more. On the operations side, imagine using that power to make inventory purchases, or eliminate overstaffing, overstocking, and overproduction.

Just like the restaurant industry is reshaping itself and adapting to this new revolution, our savvy consumers are also keeping up to the latest trends. They are not only expecting excellent service but a personalized experience. Thanks to the information provided by the different implementations of AI, maximum efficiency, and customer satisfaction seem to be about to start happening.

We are at the dawn of this fast-evolving revolution, and the smart thing to do would be to jump on that train so that you can bring sales in. AI can optimize your operations by delivering an improved and out of this world customer experience.

Valeria Ayerdi-Seibel - Recovering restaurant owner, writer + designer.

Valeria turned around a distressed restaurant, sold it for profit, now looking into the next challenges while writing and designing beautiful things.

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